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Hi, my name is Isolde, I pronounce it i-Soul- day. I am 13 years old and I love writing songs, singing and playing violin, piano and bass.

This song, To All The Little Girls, started as an optional assignment in my music theory class (which is all girls) to write a song based on the inspirational words from Hillary’s concession speech. The message is that all girls (and women) should never doubt that they are valuable and powerful and can have their dreams come true. My friends from Sol La Music Academy in Santa Monica are playing the strings and singing with me. Thank you to everyone who made the video and recording with me, to all the teachers and parents who helped us, and thank you for downloading it here. I hope that there are enough downloads to help some underprivileged children with music scholarships.

I’m making it downloadable here, because it takes so long to get it up onto iTunes (I’m working on that) and I don’t have my own website.   – yet 🙂

Please do not give my downloads away, it is a lot of work to write & record this music and I want to be able to give back with the proceeds. THANK YOU!!!!


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